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How to Buy Back Happiness as a C-Suite Leader

How to Buy Back Happiness as a C-Suite Leader

If you start a general Google search with “Are Executives happy…”, one of the most popular search strings that gets provided to you ends with this: “with how they spend their time?”

The search results provide you with a large variety of articles on how CEOs manage their time. Articles from The Harvard Business Review, CNBC, the Financial Post and many more. The question of how leaders spend their time is of interest. 

What is also interesting is that more than 90% of C-Suite leaders would answer the popular Google search on executive happiness to note that they are, in fact, not satisfied with how they spend their time, or that at the very least that time is their greatest challenge. 

When we consider the demands of operating a business – especially a successful one – it is no surprise that leaders experience a major crunch on their time.

As your company faces the many challenges of rapid growth and scaling, you can feel lost as a leader. There are so many critical factors that we are aware of as reasons to nurture your team, show appreciation for employees, give clear direction and retain talent as well as how to attract new team members. 

How as a leader can you manage all these important cultural considerations while balancing the endless demands of your growing organization? 

Well, it seems like the right time to consider hiring a Chief of Staff. When you are suffering to keep up with the demands on your leadership, you could benefit from a personal extension. Think about it. Someone who literally comes in to complement your skills and character, and extend your reach within the organization as well as to external stakeholders. This could pay major dividends! 

A Chief of Staff will be the best investment you make in terms of buying back your time as a leader without losing your personal touch across your organization. 

Did you know it is estimated that 80% of employees lose their engagement in their work – costing an estimated $400-500 billion dollars in North American companies? 

Additionally, companies in North America are estimated to be over 21% more profitable when they have an engaged workforce. 

How do you keep your employees engaged? You:

    1. Provide them with appreciation.
    2. Notice their efforts, even on the small things.
    3. Treat them (all) fairly and equitably.
    4. Invest in their development.
    5. Give opportunities for growth.
    6. Provide internal opportunities for promotion.
    7. Check in and see “how are you doing?”

You may realize that all of the above requires time and energy. How do you get this time? You need to invest in the right support to take critical time demanding tasks off of your hands in a way you can trust to know it is done as well as if you did it yourself.

At the end of the day, your employees want to have a voice. They want to know that you, as their leader, hear them, respect them – and see them. 

Above all, your employees respond with productive positivity when they know you, as a leader, care about them not only as ‘human resources’ but as ‘human beings.’

If you feel the struggle to manage the day-to-day routines, balance all the meetings, attain the required information to make good decisions to lead your business – you will benefit from direct support. A Chief of Staff can help provide you with timely advice, collect information for you, brief you on meetings, prepare notes for you. A CoS helps you buy back time, important time, that you could spend nurturing employee relationships, driving positive culture and showing appreciation for staff

With almost 40% of the workforce suggesting that a little bit of recognition from their leader would increase their productivity and engagement, you cannot afford to lack the time to give this recognition.

Optimize your time management, hire a Chief of Staff, and gain valuable time back that you can directly invest into the people helping you continue to drive success in your business.

A recent poll we conducted found that more than half of employees don’t fully trust their employer. Trust is a direct result of time, and time is in demand and stretched far too thin for most executives. So, it is a natural remedy to find ways to improve time demands and free up availability to spend nurturing your relationships with employees.

When your people are happy, it directly impacts performance, production and job satisfaction. This plays all the way around and right back to leadership itself. Basically, by having the time to invest in employee appreciation, you buy back your happiness in a big way. You gain time, strengthen relationships with your team, and achieve greater results, higher profitability, and ultimately all-around enjoyment in your organization. 

In the end, invest in yourself so you can invest in others and buy back your happiness as a C-Suite leader.

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