When the demands of your growing organization overtake your schedule, you may benefit from an Executive Business Partner – a Chief of Staff. 

Are you preparing for another series funding round? Have you been drowning in the rapid scale of your company? We can help you buy back your time, and return to what you really enjoy in your business – with the right Chief of Staff hire for you
With our renowned trademark Behavioural Resource and Personality testing process, we know our candidates – and importantly, the precise people and places our Executive Business Partner candidates will thrive with and in!
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Let's Get You Back
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When you’re crushed for time and cannot keep up with the demands in your day, we can help you with solutions that buy back your time. 

Is your time going to keeping up instead of leading? Are you focused on what is going on inside instead of the potential outside your organization? It is time to discuss hiring a Chief of Staff.

When you partner with Luupdin, we work to understand your greatest demands and find solutions to directly address your needs. We do this with knowledge of our candidates and personality testing that helps us ensure that you don’t only get a top skilled Chief of Staff, but a perfect personal fit.

How do you know when a Chief of Staff is right for you?

If one of the following points resonates with you, you would benefit from a Chief of Staff. 

The A-B-C theory is dysfunctional

Are you spending your time on A-level items, or do you feel many times that you are required to deal with B-Level, or even C-Level items? A Chief of Staff can help protect your time for things that really require your attention, rather than getting dragged into the weeds where someone else could save you time.

Your focus as a Leader is on occurrences, not opportunities

Do you find you're spending time on things that have already happened, as opposed to future opportunities for exploration and consideration? If your day disappears to keeping up, instead of leading, it may be time to employ a Chief of Staff.

Receiving full and timely information can benefit your decision making

Are you receiving top information before making decisions that only you as a leader can make? Do you receive critical information after you have already made a decision on something? When you feel information is sometimes arriving too late for you to make informed decisions, a CoS can definitely help.

Action items assigned to your direct reports require multiple follow-ups

When you give direction to others reporting to you, do you need to spend time following up to receive confirmation? A Chief of Staff helps you save time by streamlining and ensuring you gain confidence important action-items are being completed on time.

Meeting preparation

Does meeting preparation take time away from your ability to focus on major decisions? Do you get information in advance of major meetings so that you come in fully prepared to lead through critical decisions? Could you benefit from someone helping with Agenda's, minutes, review of information, and setting strategy for meetings? If so, you would benefit from a CoS.

Nurturing internal and external relations

Are you able to spend quality time investing in your team culture and leadership? Are you able to provide the transformational and co-elevating leadership you want to? Could you benefit from someone helping you nurture existing relationships with stakeholders and partners, as well as explore opportunities to expand your external network? A Chief of Staff could be well-suited for you.

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